Peggy Myre

President/Marketing Manager

Peggy is, in essence, a problem-solver.  In 2002 she founded Exa, named after her grandmother, to focus on scientific data management.  In her youth she spent time collecting, processing, and analyzing data while working in the field, laboratory, and on survey boats and ships.  The common thread in all of these endeavors was a curiosity about the story behind the numbers. As it turned out, she built a career becoming a data scientist before such a term had been invented.  In 2016 she decided to sell her company to some of her staff, and now serves as corporate memory and sage.   She still enjoys messing about with coastal and oceanographic data drawing from her background in geology and oceanography. When not at work, Peggy enjoys rowing, writing and hiking on the mountains near her office in Port Townsend, WA.


Michael Tweiten

vice president/database manager

Michael got his start in the environmental sciences studying the recovery of vegetation on the volcanically devastated slopes of Mt. St. Helens. Since then he has been involved in many scientific projects supporting conservation and natural resource management including restoring fire regimes in ponderosa pine forests, mapping the levels of conservation protection of desert ecosystems, exploring the interaction of insect outbreaks, fire and climate change in the northwoods, investigating invasive species encroachment in tropical montane rainforests, and providing data management support for restoration and contaminant remediation efforts and natural resource damage assessments following oil spills. He enjoys cooking and pickling produce out of his garden and messing about with bikes, boats and boots with his family.


Dawn Smorong

Vice President/Data Scientist

Dawn officially joined the Exa team in March of 2018, but has been a sub-contractor since 2010 providing technical support for environmental data management projects.  This work has involved developing computer applications to organize and query data, designing and developing databases, and communicating with scientists tasked with interpreting environmental data.  Prior to specializing in the area of environmental data science (which she is thrilled to know is a real discipline!), Dawn focused the first 10 years of her career working on ecological risk assessments, natural resource damage assessments, guidelines development, and designing/implementing environmental sampling programs.  Dawn works out of her home office in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and keeps busy during off-hours spending time with her two teenage children, usually hiking with their dogs in the woods of beautiful BC, watching hockey or baseball games, or puttering around in the yard. 


Lorraine Read


Lorraine joined Exa in 2010, providing statistical and technical support on projects such as standardizing and stream-lining the statistical evaluation of sediment toxicity data, evaluating stochastic models used for predictions and decision making, and generally providing a statistical perspective on the collection, interpretation, and utility of environmental data.  A self-admitted science geek, nothing makes Lorraine happier at work than having a new dataset to dig into, or, after explaining statistical concepts to non-statistical folks hearing the words “Oh, that makes so much sense!”.  Outside of her home-office in Snohomish, Lorraine enjoys anything outdoors:  hiking, biking, rowing and running, and supporting her two teenage boys in their musical and athletic endeavors.