One year (2016) time lapse of water in the atmosphere - courtesy of

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Exa Data & Mapping, Inc. is a Women-Owned Small Business based in Washington State. Our mission is to ensure high quality scientific data using our combined experience in database management, GIS, and user interface development rooted in marine and environmental science.  We believe data tell a story. Our passion is to work with scientists, statisticians, and policy administrators to share these stories accurately and intuitively through data visualization and outreach. 


Enhance the organization, accuracy, and applicability of scientific data including contaminated sediments, water quality, marine and seabed surveys, dredged material disposal, and environmental impacts.

User Needs Assessments 

Help clients evaluate their current data, maps, reports, project, and graphics data streams and suggest holistic approaches for improved work flow.

Database Management

Manage large, centralized environmental databases including quality checking, update tracking, and delivery to scientists and statisticians. Extract and transform various data sources to established data management systems.

GIS and Statistical Services

Analyze spatial datasets for large-scale assessments and data exploration, link GIS with other data sources. Calculate specialized environmental statistics including sediment toxicity significance and sediment quality guideline comparisons.

Programming customized data analysis utilities 

Build utilities for specialized calculations, automated data screening and normalization, and processing of non-traditional data sources such as bathymetric, sediment profile, taxonomic, time-series, or 2D and 3D datasets.